Jesus Christ Speaks To Children

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King
Volume Six: Heaven Speaks To Families
Part Three: JESUS Speaks To Children

August 2, 2004

My servants must remember that sin is an intentional mistake and should not be confused with an unintentional mistake, such as dropping a glass. Little children very often obey their impulses and commit small transgressions, such as striking out at another. Along with our Blessed Mother, Mary, I refer to these acts as mistakes. This is acceptable when referring to the acts of children. Deliberate acts of malice, committed by older children or adults, should be referred to as sin, which is always forgivable.

– Jesus, forgive them.
– Mother Mary, help me to be good.
– God in heaven, You are the Creator of all things. Please send Your graces down upon our world.
– Jesus, I love You.
– Jesus, I offer You my day.

June 21, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

Dear children of the world, how I love you. You were created by God the Father and He created each one of you with the most careful thought. Indeed, in heaven’s eyes, you are perfect. I am Jesus, and I am in heaven with the Father. But because I am God and come from God, I can do anything. I am powerful, dear children, but I do not like to show off, so I do not use My powers in silly ways. I use My powers in important ways, that will help people. One way that I use My power is to make people happy when they are sad or worried. Are you sad or worried? If you are, then you must come to Me and I will make you happy again. It is important for you to know how to come to Me so I am going to tell you. When you wish to come to Me, Jesus, and tell Me about your problems, you must pray. There are many ways to pray and they are all perfect. One way to pray is to close your eyes and speak to Me silently in your head. You might wonder how I can hear you if you are speaking silently. That is part of My magic, dear little child. When you wish to speak to Me, your Jesus, who is your very best friend, you can speak to Me at any time, in any place. I will hear you. I will listen carefully to your worries or to your trouble, and I will help you. You will not see Me, but I will be there. I am in heaven, yes, as I told you. But I am also everywhere on the earth. Wherever you are, I am also. So if you are playing, I am there. If you are eating, I am there. If you are going to sleep at night, I am with you. You will never be in a place where I am not. I am your invisible friend and I never go away from you. So tell Me everything that worries you, because I love you and I want to know. I can help you with many problems. You will know that I am with you because after you speak to Me you will feel a bit better. That is My magic. You must trust Me in everything because I love you very much. I think you are perfect. I am going to tell you about Me so that you know you have a very powerful invisible friend.

June 22, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

I am with you, dear children of the world. I am with you everywhere. Do not be afraid because I am all powerful and I am your friend. You understand that when you are finished in this world, you will come to My home, and that My home is in heaven. I have prepared a beautiful place for you to live, where you will be very happy with all of the people you love from earth. Heaven is the nicest place you could ever imagine. There are beautiful lakes and streams where you can play. You will never be hungry or afraid in heaven because there is no badness. No one can hurt you in heaven. You will have many friends here and you will never be sick. Heaven is the perfect place and it is filled with My friends because I am Jesus and I am God. Do you want to come to heaven? You are welcome here, My dearest child, because I love you. I will be waiting for you and when you are finished on earth, I will take you to heaven. What a happy day that will be! You will be happy because you are coming to this wonderful place, and I will be happy because I am going to be with you forever. Everyone in heaven will be happy because they love you already and wait for you to come here to join them. They have so much to show you and to tell you. You will have great fun in heaven, little child. Sometimes, when you are sad or afraid on earth, you might say, “Jesus come and take me to heaven now.” But I cannot do that, dearest child of My heart, until it is time. You have to finish your time on earth first. I am the only one who knows when your life is finished and it is My job to come for you. Do not worry, though, because I will come for you the very moment you are finished with your work. You see, My friends who are here with Me in heaven helped Me while they were on earth. I am your Jesus and I need help from all of My friends now. Soon I will tell you about your job so that you will know how you can help Me, too.

June 23, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

I have told you about heaven. You will be happy here and this is truly your home. Now I want to tell you how you can help Me. I am part of a family and so are you. We are part of the same family. It is a bigger family than you belong to on earth. This bigger family includes all people. I want all people to come home to heaven when they are finished on earth but some will need help because they are not trying hard enough to be good. Are you trying to be good? Well, this is the first way that I need your help. I, your Jesus, am asking you to try to be good. When you try to be good, it is like you are giving Me a present. Would you like to give your Jesus a present? Just do your best to be a good boy or a good girl and you will make Me very happy. I can use your present and turn it into forgiveness for someone who is making mistakes. You will make mistakes too sometimes, so you understand that it can be hard to be good. But I forgive you every mistake that you have made and I will forgive you every mistake that you will ever make. I would like to forgive everyone for their mistakes but some people do not want to say they are sorry. You see, My little friend, all a soul needs to do to come to heaven, is to try to be good and then to say they are sorry when they make a mistake. Even if they have made many terrible mistakes, I forgive them. But they have to say they are sorry, just like you say you are sorry when you hurt someone. Trying to be good while you are on earth is like doing your job for your heavenly family. I will tell you now another way that you can help Me. You must say often, “Jesus, forgive them.” You do not need to say it out loud if you do not want to. You can say it in your head because remember that I told you I can hear you speaking even when you are speaking silently. If you say this, “Jesus, forgive them,” I can save many people and bring them to heaven. I want everyone in heaven so this will be helping Me. Will you do that for Me? You are My friend and I am your friend. I will give you a big reward for helping Me and I will give you many presents when you come to heaven. Thank you, dear friend. I am your Jesus and I thank you.

June 24, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

Dear children of the world, I am happy to be talking with you. You are so precious to Me and I think of you all day, every day. I watch you when you are unhappy and I hope that you will talk to Me so that I can make you feel better. I will always be close to you so you can talk to Me whenever you wish. The most important thing for you to remember is that I am with you. There are two other important things for you to remember also. One is that I love everyone, even when they are making mistakes. Do not think that I stop loving a person because they do the wrong thing. I love them just as much and I love you just as much when you do the wrong thing. The second thing you must remember is that you can talk to Me when you make a mistake. Come to Me quickly when you do something wrong. If you come to Me, I can make you feel better and forgive you at once. In that way you will not feel sad inside and make more mistakes because you feel badly. That can happen, with adults as well as children. So you must remember that your Jesus loves you always, even when you make mistakes. And you must also remember that if you make a mistake, you must talk to Me right away. Tell Me about the mistake and say you are sorry. I will then help you not to make more mistakes. You see, My beautiful child, I can help you with everything. You must ask Me to help you and you can be certain that I will.

June 25, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

My dearest children, I want you to know Me. I know you perfectly. I know what makes you happy and I know what frightens you. I am your Jesus and I am your God. You hear many stories about kings. Well, I am the greatest King because I am the King of all people. Most stories that you hear are pretend stories, about imaginary kings. Dear child, I am real. My story is a true story and you can believe everything that I tell you. I am truly with you. I will never leave you. And at the end of your life I will come for you to bring you to heaven. Be happy, little one. Your Jesus loves you most tenderly. I want to tell you today about the different parts of you. You have two parts. You have a body and you have a soul. Your body carries your soul because your soul is inside your body. The body, your arms and legs and everything else, is the part you can see. The soul is the invisible part. You cannot see it, like you cannot see Me, but it is there. Your soul is beautiful and I am in your soul. You must always try to eat so that your body can feel good and grow. Well, it is the very same with your soul. You must always try to pray because that is how you feed your soul. Whenever you talk to Me in prayer, your soul becomes stronger and grows. If you never talk to Me, your soul might feel sick or weak. How will you know if your soul is sick? I will tell you. You will know if your soul is sick because you will begin to feel unhappy. I do not want you to be unhappy. There are many people who have very sick bodies but they are happy and that is because they have a very healthy soul. When you die in your body, as everyone does, it is time for your soul to live and so your soul comes to heaven with Me. It is your soul that I will come to collect at the end of your life. During your time on earth, when you will live in your body, you must always remember to feed your soul so that it is nice and strong because a nice strong soul will get you straight to heaven. Talk to Me often, dear child. Talking to Me is prayer and it is prayer that makes your soul grow strong.

June 26, 2004
JESUS Speaks to Children

My little ones, it is My greatest wish that you remain close to Me. I do not want you to live your life thinking that Jesus is not with you and that Jesus does not love you. Always remember Me and remember that I love you. I will help you, dear child. I will help you in many ways. Sometimes you might be with people who do not love Me. You must pray for them. Ask Me to help them and I will do so. You have a great deal of power if you are My friend because you can ask Me to do things for you and I will, as long as you are asking Me to help others. Believe in Me, dear child. It hurts My feelings that so few believe in Me or talk to Me. Some people would rather have a lot of things than be My friend. I know that you love to have toys. I like you to have toys, too, because it is good for you to play. But I do not like you to have too many toys and I do not like you to keep your toys all for yourself, never letting anyone else play. Share your toys and I will be happy. If you do not have a lot of toys, be happy, little child. You will have as much as you want in heaven. You will have everything in heaven that you wish for. It is often better if you do not have a lot of things on earth because then you are not tempted to become selfish or greedy. People are selfish and greedy when they want to have many things and keep them all to themselves. I have given you the world where you live. I gave you clouds, sunshine, water, trees, and grass. All of these things come from Me because I created all of these things. Every so often you should try to give something away and pretend that you are giving it to Me. If you give anything away, dearest child, I will give you credit for giving it to Me and I will give you back far more when you reach heaven. Always share. It is good for you and makes Me very happy. I love you perfectly. I will always love you perfectly. I am your friend. I am Jesus.

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