Holy Love Alphabet

Holy Love Ministry

June 7, 2011

St. Catherine of Siena


A Always have Holy Love in your heart

B Be holy

C Call upon the Name of the Lord or His Mother in every need

D Delight in doing good

E Excuse your neighbor’s faults

F Forgive and forget

G Give to those in need

H Holy Love is the answer, and the way to Heaven

I Ignore those who persecute you

J Jesus should be the center of your life

K Knock and the door shall be opened to you

L Leave the world behind

M Make many sacrifices

N Never break the Commandments of Love

O Open your heart to prayer

P Place God and others first

Q Quiet your heart and listen to the Lord

R Remember Holy Love in the present moment

S Speak always in Holy Love

T Turn your hearts and your lives over to the Divine Will through Holy Love

U Unite your hearts to the United Hearts

V Virtues must be your building blocks of holiness

W Win hearts for Jesus by evangelizing Holy Love

X XXXX Many kisses to Jesus and Mary

Y Your Will, Lord, not my own

Z Zero in on personal holiness through Holy Love