Heaven Speaks To Fathers


Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King
Volume Six: Heaven Speaks To Families
Part Two: St. Joseph Speaks To Fathers

June 14, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

I send the most affectionate greetings to my brothers and sisters on earth. I have come particularly to speak to fathers during this time of darkness. If you have been given a child or the care of a child, you must take responsibility for the formation and support of that child. I wish to share a glimpse of my family with you, so that you can follow the example we have set. There were three of us, Jesus, Mary, and me, Joseph. I took responsibility, as much as possible, for the support of the family. We were poor, it is true, because we lived in difficult times and for a time we were exiled. When you move to a land that is not your home, you are at a disadvantage, often, with regard to work. That was the case with me, and while I was skilled at my profession, I found it difficult to obtain as much work as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I made enough to keep us and we lived simply. I taught my Son that work was to be enjoyed and that through work a soul gave God great glory. I worked steadily and thoroughly, always being scrupulously honest and fair. My reputationwas sound and I would have been known as a just man, both professionally and personally. I understood that my responsibility to Jesus was important to the Kingdom. I had the task of accompanying Him through His precious childhood. Jesus, I must say, did not require any real correcting, because He was a most beautiful and sweet boy. His kindness brought tears to my eyes, sometimes many times in one day. I will say truly that He was an example to me. With that said, however, I also tried to be an example to Him and so must you be to your children. While I understand that you are not called upon to accompany Jesus through His childhood, you must understand that your child or children are equally precious in their humanity, because each little soul is of equal value in the Kingdom. Each day and each moment of each day is an opportunity to teach your child what it is to be a follower in God’s Kingdom.

If I were allowed, I could write pages and pages, speaking only of the holiness of Mary, the mother of Christ. Can you imagine the honor that was mine? I was given the task of parenting with Mary as my partner. I will say briefly that Mary was the kindest, most gentle and most humble woman ever created by God. You must not think that she was given these virtues or that it was easy for her. This was not the case. Mary sacrificed each day and practiced these virtues. She was another constant source of example to me. How could I have been anything but virtuous living with these two heavenly creatures? Fathers, mine is the honor of instructing you on leading your families to Christ. Thank our loving Father in heaven for this grace because it is a very beautiful thing for Him to allow. Treat these words with humility and reverence and He, the God of All, will bring peace and joy to your families. You can be another pocket of holiness, as we were, and I will show you how. Remember that you have great and limitless help in heaven. Do not be discouraged if your family is struggling with worldly influences at this moment. I will help you and together we will move toward the example that our little Holy Family has set for you. All is well. Let us begin.

June 15, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Fathers of the world, listen carefully to my words. Please understand that you will be held accountable for your parenting. In most cases, a father should be with his children. In cases where he cannot, through circumstances beyond his control, that is different. But I speak to the majority of fathers at this time. Your children are your treasure and they are also a large part of your salvation. You will gain the greatest of graces through your parenting of your children. To begin with the most fundamental advice, you must be with your children in order to properly parent them. Many fathers today view the role of father simply as a provider. They feel that as long as they are providing for their children’s material needs, their job has been completed. Fathers, you know this is not the case. Providing for your children’s material needs is only one aspect of your role as father. You must accept that if you are not at work, generally speaking, you should be with your family. Children learn from observing and modelling. They cannot do this if you are not in their company. Be with your children, fathers. You need do nothing, only set a calm example. Be about your household chores and let the children see that you are dutiful. Another current trend that concerns heaven is that of purity. Fathers, children must learn how important it is to be pure. Are your children learning this from you? They will learn it by observing the entertainment you participate in. How do you respond to television shows that depict impure actions and situations? Fathers, these things are not acceptable for you. You must not watch television programs that illustrate mortal sin. Certainly your children should not watch these things either. That, dear men, is a profound truth, and if you are allowing your children to view behaviors on television that depict sin, you are in effect teaching them these behaviors. You must understand that by not objecting to these things, you are teaching your children that these behaviors are acceptable. This must stop. When you reject a program because it is illustrating un-Christian-like behaviors, you must take the opportunity to explain to your children why you are doing so and why the behavior you rejected is not Christian. Do you understand? You must ask me to help you in this issue if you are unsure because homes are being contaminated constantly in this manner. This form of entertainment is unsuitable for you, dear men of God. You want to come to heaven, do you not? Then you must begin to prepare yourselves on earth. You can do this by spending time with your children in purity, and doing things together that do not offend God. You will be accountable for each word you say to your children. God does not expect you to be perfect. Do not be afraid. You will make mistakes, of course, and that is understood and forgiven. But you must not allow a pattern of entertainment in your home that is objectionable to heaven. Consider always what Jesus would say about an entertainment. He is with you, you know, at each moment. Be aware of His presence and you can then judge your actions and activities by His standard. I will help you to escape from any bad habits that have taken hold of you. Be cheerful and courageous and together we will purify your life.

June 16, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Dear fathers of the world, you must heed my voice. I am speaking to you from kindness and concern. We in heaven watch the events in the world because we are eager to assist you. We hear your prayers and immediately begin interceding for you so that any graces available will be utilized. Allow us to help you to examine your role as father so you can be certain you are fulfilling this role as God has willed. You must examine your role in comparison to me, Joseph, the head of the Holy Family. Do not examine your role in comparison to a soul who is not following God. You must take this opportunity to also look at your companions. Are they true followers? Do they encourage you to be a good father and husband? Are they themselves good fathers and husbands? Dear man, if they are not fulfilling their role as father and husband, it will be difficult for you to resist their influence. Many in this time will encourage you to put yourself first, but I tell you in all seriousness that you should not do this. Your wife and children must come first. You are to lead your family to heaven. In heaven, the first will be last. Consider yourself a servant to your family. In this way you will not spend too much time meditating on how you would like to follow the world. You live in a world of great darkness. I must speak the truth so that you know that it is critical that your family be steered safely through these times. With the help of heaven, you will do this successfully. But in order to obtain this help, you must ask for it. In order to ask for it, you must be prayerful. If you are not prayerful, you will not see the need to pray because you will be too busy scurrying from one day to the next and telling yourself that all is well because this is what everyone else is doing. Fathers, set a tone of quietness in your home whenever possible. Children in your care will then feel free to come to you with their little difficulties and fears. Be available to them by often sitting quietly or working in silence. There is no need for the constant distraction of noise. It dulls your soul, dear man, and God cannot find rest in you. If you spend time in quietness, your soul will calm and your God can claim you and communicate with you. He will inspire you to give consideration to His will for your life. He will give you an awareness of the large view of your life and your family, pulling you away from the small view, which is the moment. If your large view includes heaven and serving God, you will understand that you must live each moment differently. Set your sight on heaven, for both you and your family, and you will see your perspective begin to shift a little here and alter a little there. This is a process and you can be comfortable that all will not change in a day, particularly if you have been spending too much time in the world or practicing bad habits. But it will change. Gradually, your home will feel different to you. You will long for holiness for each of the souls in your family who are walking your life journey with you. You will see their spiritual development as the priority. Dearest man, created by God, this is your role. You, in partnership with your wife, are to shepherd your little ones through their childhoods so that they can grow strong in the service to the Kingdom. Be brave and allow Me, Joseph, to show you how this should be done.

June 17, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Dear sons of God, you must treat fatherhood like the great honor that it is. By allowing you to provide formation to a child, Our God has placed a degree of trust in you. You will not want to disappoint Him. You must listen to Him for direction on what your children require for the best possible preparation in life. Because each soul is unique, the same approach that works for one will not work for all. Each child will need thoughtful consideration given to the approach that will best suit their nature. Fathers, when do you give the rearing of your children this consideration? You should spend some time each day thinking of your children and what they need. It is important, of course, that they be fed and clothed, but not to excess. It is important that they have shelter and, if possible, an education. What I want to stress to you, fathers of the world, is that your children need your love, along with these other things. Children, more than anything, must know that their father loves them and considers them precious. Your actions every day will tell your children how you feel about them. If you are called on to correct a child, do so gently, with love. If a child angers you, you must remember that you were once a child and made similar mistakes. Do not frighten your children, fathers. This is not love. This is the opposite of love. Your child should respect you, of course, and you should not tolerate behavior that will not be welcome in the Kingdom, but expect some bad behavior and expect to have to gently correct your children. Fathers often make the mistake of thinking that their primary function with children is that of disciplinarian. This is an error. Your primary function as a father is to love and then to set an example that your children can follow which will result in eternity in heaven. Are you doing this, dear man? Be vigilant in examining your own behavior and be certain that your children are not mimicking something in you when they misbehave. This is important, so pay heed. I love you dearly, men of the world. I understand the influences with which you struggle. That is why you must spend time in prayer, and not with entertainment. Your Jesus wants to help you and He wants you to help Him. This is a dark time for mankind because many have said “no” to God and to holy living. If you have done this, you must tell Jesus today that you are willing to change and that you desire that He help you. I tell you most sincerely that Jesus will handle everything if you are willing to change. He will forgive you every sin. He will mitigate any damage that neglect has done to your children. Jesus, in short, will solve your problems but you must spend time in silence with Him. Make prayer the most important part of your day, fathers. Only in this way can you determine what Jesus requires from you with regard to your life and your parenting. Heaven understands that you have pressures and that you must earn your living and support your family. Heaven respects these things because it is heaven who has ordained this way of life for you. You must constantly ask heaven to guide you in these matters, as well as in spiritual matters. We will hear your prayers and assist you. But you must be the head of your family now and set a tone of respect for God.

June 18, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Again today I call out to fathers. Dear men, you must face your mistakes fearlessly. Examine with me the way that you live. Do you live for God? If God were to call you home to heaven today, could you lie down peacefully, content that you had worthily accepted your vocation as husband and father? As human beings, created by God, we are all subject to His time. When He decrees that your time on earth has passed, it has passed. There will be no second chances with regard to either your life or your parenting. When your children are grown, the opportunity to influence them diminishes. You should never give up setting an example for your children and attempting to help them to see the straight path to heaven, but you can do far more with children than adults. So you see, dear man, that you must seize the opportunity to mold your child when he is small. Many souls on earth think that they are entitled to great amounts of relaxation and play time. I tell you most solemnly that play time is for children. If you are an adult, you should be concerned with serving Christ, and not with entertaining yourself. If you spend time in silent prayer, considering Jesus and what He did for you, you will understand what it is He asks that you do for Him. This is simple, I know, but I assure you that few men are giving Christ this time to work in their souls. It is for this reason we have reached the current level of darkness. Historically man said “no” to sin. In this day man says “yes” to sin. Children suffer because if man is saying “yes” to sin, he is saying “no” to his vocation. You cannot live two ways, my dear friend, so you must make a choice. Choose God. There is no future for you or your family in choosing darkness. Do not underestimate the power of God to assist a soul who seeks goodness. He will help you.

I would like to speak about how I treated Mary, my wife on earth. I treated her with the greatest dignity and respect. I tried to help her when I could, and I remained in constant awareness of her comfort and happiness. I was unable to provide her with great wealth, and sometimes we were forced to go without, subsisting on the barest of necessities. She did not complain and I did not rail against God for placing us in trying times. I humbly placed my little family in the care of God and did the best I could to provide for them. Dear men of the world, there are those who are in far more need than you, whatever your circumstances. You must be content with what God has given you. Remember that there will always be those with more, and there will always be those with less. Praise God in everything and you will be cared for by heaven. When you worry about material things, consider what would happen if you were to do without many of the things you have today. Would you starve? Spend some time considering what it is your body needs for survival and I think you will see that you have been given these things. There may come a time when you do not have as much as you have today. How you will shake your heads at your former complaints. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? Do not wish for more; wish to be happier with less. Pray this way and God will help you by showing you that you do not need all of these things with which you surround yourself. These things are a distraction. Your families are no happier than those who have less, and this I say from experience. We were very happy on earth and we had little. Keep a heavenly perspective and you will not feel that you require more.

June 19, 2004
St. Joseph Speaks to Fathers

Dear men, destined to serve God, please consider that your first duty is to your family. Indeed, caring for your wife and children is your sacred duty, and all of heaven will help you to make this your priority. God’s love will flow through you into your home, and He, through you, will be the leader of your family. Do you want this to happen? Look closely at your home and family and determine if it is already this way. If it is, then all is well and we will continue on, heaven working closely with you to steer your family through difficult times. If this is not the case, then you must understand that there is work to be done in your life. Most men in today’s world have a little work to do, so do not be discouraged if you see things that must be removed from your life. Be brave and steady and you will come to know God’s will for you. Dear man, you were created by God to serve during this time and God needs your service. He is calling out to all of His children now and asking that souls put aside worldly desires in favor of heavenly desires. Come to the most direct path to heaven and do not leave this path again. Please. In a very short time, you will be so glad that you served. These times are not ordinary times, my dear friend. These are extraordinary times and the greatest of heavenly help is available for God’s servants. Do not be anxious by this. Be grateful. Jesus is all good. If you but knew the depth of His compassion and love for you, there would be no need for any words at all. But souls in the world have been distracted and the view to heaven has been all but obliterated by the darkness of sin. There is little joy on earth and many souls wander in despair. You must not do that. You are a child of the Kingdom and you must walk in joy. I will show you the path to joy. As a man of God, you have the greatest of dignity as your right. That dignity comes from living a purposeful life in union with Jesus. When you seek His will, look no further than your family and you will find your path to salvation. Join us, the army that seeks to wage war on darkness. We are brave and loyal to our King. Our King, Jesus Christ, gives us all that we require for this battle. He has a particular mission for you but you must sit in silence and ask Him to reveal it to you. I, Joseph, am very close to the Savior. I will intercede for you to help you eradicate sin in your life and restore your heavenly role to its rightful level of holiness. Be at peace in everything, but do not hesitate to answer “yes” to God.


Heaven Speaks About Divorce
Direction For Our Times
Jesus Christ, The Returning King

August 5, 2005


I speak today with such love in My heart. My love overflows. It is for this reason that I come to you to talk about the sad situation of holy marriages ending in divorce. I tell you why this grieves Me. There are many situations in which the marriage did not have to end. I am Jesus. I am God. I can heal many wounds if I am allowed to minister to the husband and wife in their difficulties. Every marriage will experience times when either one or the other is angry and would like to separate. This is to be expected and should not startle or frighten those involved. During these times, if the couple comes to Me and asks for My grace, I will send the grace necessary to preserve the family. Dear children of God, there are many reasons why I wish to keep families together. I am speaking to you today in general terms, understanding that there are times when a union cannot be preserved. I do not sanction violence of any kind by one party against another. This is not from heaven and heaven does not prompt either a husband or a wife to abuse. This comes from the enemy of the marriage. In cases such as this, or in cases where one party has committed every effort to retain the union but to no avail, My Church enters, with all of Her wisdom, and makes a decision. This is the way I have organized the resolution of these matters. My Church is given great wisdom and discernment and you should understand that by My Church I am referring to the priests who work for Me in the Church and who are obedient to their Pontiff. Bring your difficulties to Me, dear brothers and sisters, and I will help you.

St. Anne

This mission, ordained by heaven, is a mission of mercy and healing. For this reason, I would like to encourage all who read these words to ask right now for God’s mercy. Healing graces flow into the world in an amount that is unparalleled. So ask Jesus for these graces and He will send them. Dear brothers and sisters, there are many consequences of the disobedience that is prevalent in this age. One of the consequences of the darkness is the dissolution of so many marriages. When a marriage ends, there is great despair because most souls enter a marriage with the intention of doing good for each other and for any children sent. The bitterness that results from betrayal is profound. This bitterness is taking many souls down a path of self-destruction. The first thing you must understand is this. Jesus loves you whether you are in your marriage or out of your marriage. The love of your God does not change. Jesus does not reject a soul because the soul is divorced. On the contrary, Jesus sees that your hopes for your marriage have been disappointed and He rushes in to console you. You must come to Him all day long when you are suffering this terrible pain. Do not try to walk through this alone as you may then be drawn into behavior that will pull you further from Him and further from your heavenly dignity. Let the love of heaven wrap itself around you in your pain and you will recover. Seek the wisdom of a holy priest. Pray for the protection of your former husband or wife and be very alert to the needs of children who are part of the family that has splintered. These are not ideal situations, as you all know. We cannot pretend differently because that would be false. But it is especially in these situations that heaven flows in with abundant graces for all concerned. Remember that you can be sad and downhearted but still have peace. You are part of the heavenly family. You are a child of God. Peace is yours, my beloved soul. You need only ask for it in prayer.

St. Anne

Children must have explanations in these cases. Do not think that the end of a marriage is the business of only the two adults involved. Where there are children, these little ones have a right to explanations, however simple and short. Many children feel that their parents are divorcing because of their flaws. Children often think of their acts of disobedience, normal in every child’s life, and become convinced that these acts disrupted the peace in the home and caused a parent to leave. You, God’s child, should understand that this causes the greatest distress in a child, even if that distress is hidden. You must believe me that this feeling is present in many children and you must give the child the information he or she is entitled to. A child should be told that heaven loves both the father and the mother and heaven loves all children, everywhere, regardless of their mistakes. Explain that the family should pray to heaven that all members find peace and happiness, together or separated. The children should know that others suffer in this way, also, and that heaven steps in very strongly to comfort and heal every person in this family that is struggling. In the end, through prayer, there will be peace and this family will be joyful together in heaven, with all bitterness healed. Souls are often doing the best they can in these difficult circumstances and there should be no blaming. I plead with you all today to spare your children any experience of hatred for their father or mother. This is unmanageable to a child. Children simply cannot cope with such things and their little souls become injured. Come to heaven in these cases and we will step in powerfully.

St. Anne

When a marriage ends, both the husband and the wife suffer. Both will carry a cross from this situation. It is good to remember when you are helping someone who suffers in this way that there are two wounded souls. One party may want the separation more than the other, it is true, but that does not mean that this person is not also in pain. It is very disappointing to heaven when people close to the couple join in and spread bitterness. This is a sad situation, yes, but that does not mean that a heavenly approach is not available. Do not judge. Children of heaven, I would like to repeat that sentence but I do not want to bore you. I will simply ask that you be careful to allow heaven to understand the situation. Content yourself that you do not. It is not necessary for you to judge. It is necessary only for you to love this couple and support their family. This is the heavenly way. When a husband loses a wife and a wife loses a husband, the grief should not be compounded by either soul losing their Christian family, who are called upon to support them in a profound way during this time. The wrong thing to do, which disappoints heaven, is for souls to consider themselves better than their struggling friends and puff up with pride. If your own marriage is intact, thank God and allow your marriage to be an example for others, but in quietness, never in pride. Jesus wants all of the Christian family to be alert to the needs of these families that have suffered with a divorce. Extra love, extra joy is necessary. And Jesus is asking you to bring it to them.

St. Anne

Many souls behave badly when they are in pain. Dear children, this is not necessary. Bring your pain to Jesus and you will not strike out at each other. You cannot force your husband or wife to continue a marriage. What you can do is this. Bring that soul to Jesus each day. Pray that heaven will intercede for your family and soften the heart of your loved one. Acknowledge any mistakes you have made and be as gentle as possible, allowing your loved one the time necessary for Jesus to heal any wounds. Be assured that you are only one part of the union. Jesus does not hold you accountable for the actions of someone else. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will be judged by the mere fact that your marriage ended. You will be judged only by your actions, always. And if you have made mistakes, however grave, seek the Sacrament of Penance and allow Jesus to liberate you from these acts. The most important thing I want to tell you is that Jesus will bring good from each situation, however bad the situation appears. If you are walking with Jesus, as a beloved apostle, He will send all necessary healing for you and your loved ones. Jesus does not make promises and then fail to keep them. Jesus will bring the best possible outcome for you all. Heaven will heal and protect your children if you ask. Walk through every day, every pain, every situation with heaven and you will be given peace.

St. Anne

Children of God, there is no ugliness that I have not heard. I see that souls are hesitant to bring certain problems to heaven’s attention because they fear they will offend heaven. Well, how silly is this. Heaven is filled with souls who walked the earth so heaven has seen and heard everything. You will not shock me, my beloved friends. If you are to heal from great pain, you must bring it to us. I am St. Anne and I want to help with these problems. Sit in silence and allow us into each sorrow, however ugly. Where is the correct place to bring such pain? If you do not bring it to us, you may bring it to a soul on earth who does not have the love or understanding to help you. You have experienced this, I know, and it is for this reason I talk about it. Family members often pile on additional hurt, simply because they do not know what to say to console you or how to deal with the issues. They can also find fault with you where none is indicated, which will be like piling great weights on to your already weighty cross. Seek your counsel most carefully during this time. Sit with Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, and He Himself will listen to every pain and hurt. He will take it all and place it into the fires of His Sacred Heart, leaving you free to continue your beautiful walk up the mountain to holiness. It is like standing in a big mess. When you bring it to Jesus, He pulls you away from the mess and, with a glance, reduces the mess to nothingness. He is your healer. He is your trusted friend who will not make your cross heavier. He will make it lighter and manageable. Do you understand, my poor little hurt apostle? Seeking consolation in many conversations does not help. Trust us here in heaven and ask us to help and we will. Alert your guardian angel that you are vulnerable and need extra protection. This angel knows this anyway and grieves for your pain, but conversing with God’s angels promotes heavenly thinking. All is well, children of God. Jesus fixes everything.


My little doves are struggling. How earnestly I want to assure you that heaven has the graces you need. Dear little families, bring Jesus to your center and you will persevere. In most cases, marriages do not have to end. There is sufficient grace available to heal wounds and restore the sacramental unity. Often it is simply a case of one soul rejecting Christ, leading to all manner of pain and injury. Even in the most difficult cases, though, heaven is prepared to step in and heal. I would like to say that many marriages are ill-advised in that one soul or the other is not following heaven and therefore not open to the graces that are necessary to preserve peace in the union. Well, dear children, how can heaven sustain a union when only one party is willing to allow direction? You see that this is a handicapped union from the beginning. So urge all to consider carefully before entering into the Sacrament of Marriage. In the cases where the marriage has ended, be docile to the Church and Her precepts. Do not talk rebelliously about the Church or blame the Church for the situation you are in. I, your heavenly mother, will help you to arrive at your destination, which is unity with Jesus and His Church. Seek the counsel of your priests and understand that Jesus is walking through every single moment with you. Be at peace. Know you are loved. Bring everything to heaven and you will not be disappointed. I will care for your family and protect your children and you will know the healing power of my Son. Your mother loves you and understands everything. Place your hand in mine now and we will walk courageously together through everything.


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